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Accommodation & Breakfast (+ choice of full meal plan)
Airport pickup and drop off
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Choice Off x2 Daily Classes :
- MuayThai - 7.00 - 9.00 am and 5.00 - 7.00 pm
or mix one evening with a S&C Class
- Strength & Conditioning has 2 different level off classes

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Classes are for all ages , sexes and fitness levels we have 10 experienced trainers plus head coach Nong to take you through the two hour class ... we will step by step take you to the next level and ensure your safe and your fitness levels increase each time ! every lesson you will be taught different techniques, clinching , bag work , shadow boxing , sparing, skipping and pad work if there is anything your not sure on or not keen we can alter or help you on your weaknesses !

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Strength & Conditioning

S&C incorporates high-intensity interval training, weight lifting, gymnastics and other disciplines. The exercise program should be practised daily ! Workouts posted can be done either in our classes or for walk-ins for experienced cross fitters ! Back to basics with technique deadlifts, clean and press and pull-ups, combining them with cardio reps such as burpees, handstand pushups, rowing, skipping, biking and sprints !

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Kids Classes

Children of all ages can come and visit the camp whilst on holiday for either just some exercise, learn basics of muaythai and self defense or if they are really keen can take it all the way to the ring! There is now in the International World Games Juniors from the age of 12 winning gold medals in muaythai ! with the Juniors holding their own championships in Thailand next year a lot of interest is occurring with teams from Australia bringing over 35 Juniors last year !

A lot of fun a good social gathering and now every week Children’s Classes 4.00pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays !

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