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After a well deserved break one of the best pad holders in Thailand Padang Davey is back home at Lamai muaythai Camp !! Refreshed ! Refuelled ! and ready to take on the Polish, Peru, Australian, German and Kasikstan fighters getting ready for the World Championships !! … The Passion from Padang says it all !! Its good to be home ! Welcome back The Kazakhstan Team getting ready for the World Championships in starting the 1st May !! Well done Micky checking weight today 62kg for the Muaythai Angels Show Sunday night in Chaweng – Monkey Bay !! Happy Songkran Thailand !! Great to have the Polish National Team back coached by Rafal on camp to prepare for the World Games next month !! First Fighting Star arrives on Camp to prepare for the World Games in Malaysia .. Great to have talented Valentino Shevchenko back training ! Great to have World Champion Paul Slowinski back in camp !!

Camp News

Thai Fight and Max Fight Events coming to Thailand in February .. Also China and Australia events for all our fighters on camp busy time for trainers and students when the heat returns to Samui … Soon everyone from around the world will head towards Asia for the World Championships training at the camp then heading of to Langkawi for the main event ! … Great few months for all students pushing themselves some even stepping in the ring … big congratulations to student Robertos who had his first fight after only 2 months of kick boxing training he had never done any muaythai before a short time in Bangkok then ten days with us before taking a last mintue fight with two days notice ! A fantastic effort, hard training showing true heart in the ring ! and a great Job from the trainers putting him through all the drills …

Camp Trainers


The only place in Samui stocking FAIRTEX … !!! … now fully stocked with all Fairtex, weekly deliveries to our shop in Samui direct from Thailands Factory !!!

October 2013

TEAM Lamai Muay Thai Camp shows massive respect in the MALAYSIA Z1 EVENT!! .. Jerson, Simon, Delara and Salah fighting in the biggest event in Malaysia this year ! .. supported and cornered by Ralph, Zidov and Nong … Jerson and Delara winning ! Simon and Salah losing very close fights to hugely respected Thais … overall an amazing show … many thanks to Malaysia for the great time ! next time in Langkawi will be the world games ! Great To Have Fighter Salah Khalifa Back In The Gym ! Another Worldclass fighter Joins The Lamai Team ! A few fights below from the very succesful Germany and Malaysia Shows !

Lucky is back from his Germany and Poland tour! putting on some excellent Muaythai Seminars for Polands under Muaythai against Drugs campaign!!!! Muaythai seminars conducted by two thaiboxing champions- Mr. Tawatchai from Thailand and Mr. Rafal Simonides – polish fighter who has been living in Thailand … having great showing and great response from all ages through out both countries !
Thiago Teixeira Wins his first fight in Russia at the World Combat Games! An amazing success for muaythai in Russia … read all the latest info on the IFMA facebook page !
His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama Blesses Muaythai, A unique moment came to the Muaythai family when His Holiness the Dalai Lama was given an honorary mongkhon for his contribution to world peace. IFMA General Secretary, Stephan Fox, said it was a very special moment in his life ! One World One Muaythai !


Huge amount of fightnights throughout September for the camp … Samui, Germany, Malaysia and Poland to name a few countries .. Team Zidov showing some great fights .. Thiago Teixeira Win last night on points ! Michaelea Michl lose her 2nd fight on points .. a very close fight against a girl with over 30 fights .. Lucky lose a very close fight by points ! Congratulations Boris aka James Goddard on another great win in Samui !! getting stronger and stronger all the time !!

Congratulations to Igor and Julia who gave birth to their daughter Sophia ! …. making one very happy family… October huge Fightshow in Malaysia and the SportAccord World Combat Games . St Petersberg Russia . 18-26 October . one world one muaythai !

EDDIE MAKING NEWS IN COLOMBIA .. La piel de un tigre cuelga de su espalda como especie de amuleto para protegerlo. Pero sus piernas, y sobre todo su corazón, lo tienen como un guerrero en Tailandia.
Su nombre es Édgar Otálora y nació en el barrio Las Cruces de Bogotá hace 31 años. Sin embargo, el cuadrilátero lo convirtió en Eddie Vendetta, un colombiano que es campeón de muay thai en Tailandia, la cuna de este deporte (una especie de boxeo). Pero antes de levantar los brazos al otro lado del mundo, pasó la vida del inmigrante colombiano. Siendo aún un adolescente, sin sus estudios terminados, y con un hijo en camino, Édgar se fue a Madrid, España. Allí trabajó como obrero en construcciones cuando se acercó al deporte. “Conocí a un colombiano que daba clases en un gimnasio, pero de boxeo, y desde Colombia tenía ganas. Luego practiqué el kickboxing y después el muay thai, hice peleas, llegué a ser campeón, y como tenía ambición, me fui para la cuna de este deporte, Tailandia”. Con los combates, Édgar se convirtió en Eddie, y tomó el Vendetta por su tormentosa vida. “No quise que fuera ‘venganza’, pero fue Vendetta. Y así me reconocen”. Cuando comenzó a pelear celebró combates en los que no se ganaba más de 70 dólares, y en los que arriesgó su pellejo, en pleitos ante rivales más fuertes que le dejaron las cicatrices que hoy marcan su rostro. Pero poco a poco fue subiendo. Primero en el coliseo de Koh Samui, luego en la isla del mismo nombre. Hace un par de semanas, Eddie peleó por el título de su categoría (84 kilos) ante Apirak Koratkolek por el World Muay Thai Council, una organización de nivel internacional. “Estoy combatiendo con los mejores, como ser campeón de los 100 metros planos en Jamaica”, dice. Con su pantaloneta corta, siempre marcada con las palabras “Colombia” y “Eddie”, este bogotano ha llegado a competir en Irán, Cambodia, Laos y otros países del suroeste asiático representando al país. Sabe que en su carrera ha sufrido tantas derrotas como victorias, pero su familia no lo deja bajar los brazos. Hace unas semanas, Eddie estuvo en Medellín, impartiendo sus conocimientos en seminarios a los jóvenes practicantes de la ciudad, que se engoman con las artes marciales mixtas. “Es un icono, el único colombiano que ha podido estar en ese nivel en Tailandia, y que la gente no lo conozca en el país es triste”, explica David González, de Muay Thai Medellín.
Vendetta, sin venganzas, peleó y mostró sus cicatrices, también sus triunfos, y que es tan fuerte como el tigre que dio su piel para su amuleto. “Este deporte, violento y fuerte, me cambió la vida”.


August 2013

Koh Samui s favourite muaythai gym proved a big hit in August smashing records of fighters and students visiting throughout one of the hottest months of the year so far ! we welcomed a great team of boys and girls from Adelaide Australia , Robbie Hawkins Muaythai .. 19 days of hard training ! fantastic efforts ! young Codie Keefe having a great night in the ring showing great potential for the future – a name to look out for in Australian Muaythai !

Fighters visited Domination 11 Muay Thai Perth, WA – Lamai Wmc Camp Fighters .. All trained hard, checked weight and represented their countries and camp … James Goddard ! Jeferson Vulpe ! Igor Pedote Cabrita ! … also Roger Augusto ! Ben Burrage ! Jarred Rothweiler Rothwell ! having great fights in Samui ! Zidov Akuma left for a two month European Tour for his newly released book ! lookout for his travel and promotional updates on his fan page ! .. Crossfit style training proving a big hit for weight loss clients, fighters and fitness freaks on camp showing fantastic results toning and strengthening them all ! Pedro from Italy also showing his fighting spirit in the ring ! Looking forward to September .. Team Zidov fighting in Germany, Jerson Constantino fighting in Malaysia dropping weight to 67kg … Trainer Jack fighting on the 14th and teams from Canada arriving for some drilling from our great mix of trainers !

July 2013

Fantastic group of visitors throughout July all achieving there goals in muaythai and fitness, also great to see more families bringing there children whilst on holiday to learn the this great sport ! .. Thiago Teixeira flew to fight in Perth with Ralph Beale to take on Kim Olsen one of Australias favourite and most talented fighters ! … Thiago trained hard for this fight with great training from Zidov, Patrick and the gang of resident thai and falang fighters! It was a very close fight and ended with Kim winning on points … both fighters showing great spirits and showmanship .. thanks to Epic for the great show !
Jojo Struys Famous Tv Host from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was visiting and training in camp for her TV show on Health, Fitness and Clean Stress Free living .. she had an amazing time lerning about how we run the fitness camp the goals visitors achieve and the way they turn there lifestyles around !!

Also good luck to Zidov Akuma of on his europoean tour to promote his new book !

Stefan Fox attending a successful meeting for the combat games !: “After this meeting, I feel very confident that through the solidarity of the 15 Combat Sports and Martial Arts, the leadership of SportAccord and the Local Organiser, the 2013 World Combat Games will be the most talked about Martial Arts and Combat Sports event in the history of these sports. I can’t wait to be there!” full story on ..

Sunday Funday

Six days a week we train hard so Sundays we relax .. this time on a brilliant boat tour of Samui with Team Zidov … Wmc Lamai Camp partys at their best!