Highlight of the year .. Buakaw exhibition fight in Koh Samui against South Africas Quintin Chong ! .. fantastic event and atmosphere at Phetchabuncha Stadium … Wmc Lamai Camp fighters showing great skill and commitment against top Bangkok fighters … Will Australia, Kamal Malaysia, Brodie Australia, Nabil Belgium, Eddie Columbia, Jerson Brazil and Igor Slovakia !


The media has gone crazy this weekend on Koh Samui … with the camp in partnership bringing Thailands most succesful and famous fighter Buakaw to the island ! some quick pictures off the weekend so far then the full story after tonights fights at phetchbuncha Stadium !

IGOR – I1 World Champion

Igor from Slovakia WMC Lamai Muay Thai Camp Koh Samui is the new I-1 World Champion in Hong Kong .. !!

Igi War – I would like to thank you dear Camp for all the opportunities and experience I have gained thanks to you guys, big support from your side, either the trainers’ or the fighters’, and especially Big Thanks to Ralph for his support during the Big fight in Hong Kong! THANK YOU!!!!!!


Here at the Lamai Muay Thai Camp we are always asked advice about blessings and thai traditional tatoos .. we have worked with AJARN PANTHEP for many years now and respect him as a great friend and teacher … he has led, advised, blessed and tatooed all our family here..Camp Owner Ralph, Fitness Owner Billy, fighters who travel around the world, customers looking for direction in life to the latest children of the Slater family … feel free to visit AJARN PANTHEP and please show resect when representing the Camp and your country …

THE 5 RITUALS DURING THE CEREMONY the gold leaf is put on the forehead(to be attractive when seen) 2.nd gold leaf is put on the tongue(for a charm speech) 3.rd gold leaf is put on the right palm hand(to get money) gold leaf is put on the left palm hand(to be billed) 5.put the mask on the head to receive the protection and magic from the spirits into the body (TEACHERS PANTHEP PHRUEKTHARA) SAMUISAKYAN.COM

General Camp Talk !

Thiago Teixeira becoming a world contender in the sport after another fantastic win over Collaysa in Singapore

Brodie Slater from Australia improving on his great career in Saumi now racking 54 fights in total!
Stephan Fox Vice president of the World muaythai Council giving a great seminar on camp training the kids such as Remy .. a future champion !

quote..Remy, Mum and Dad are really proud of the hard work and´╗┐ dedication you have shown in Thailand,
and a big thank you to Stephan Fox for giving Remy and all the K9 team his time and to Dave Munro for making the trip and training worthwhile and to Ralph and all the coaches at Lamai Muay Thai Camp on Koh Samui for helping the kids and improving their skills.

Songkran Thai New year in April was as festive as ever bringing the whole of lamai together for a great day of water fun! Elise Conquest winning her first fight in Samui. Thiago with his fine collection of belts!

Busy New Year !

Great start to the year on Lamai Wmc Camp for everyone! firstly welcome new trainers An, Nok and Kim adding extra talent all with superb backgrounds and experience around the world, all speaking excellent English. Sponsored fighters getting another lift with circuits and early morning runs with there new mentor Monty Crooke, bringing fighters together working as a great team, fight results starting to pay off, with some great wins in phetchbuncha Stadium and Malaysia. Malaysia hosting the Perak Amanjaya Muaythai International 2013 show a fantastic event, Ralph and Nong taking a team of great fighters there, with Frankie winning his first belt, Conrado winning on points, Igor and Jerson having a tough fight both losing but putting on great shows with superstars such as EDDIE SELINDANG KUNING.

Great team from Bulgaria here, headed by Kiril bringing stars from Hollywood movies from The Expendables, all leaving having great wins and showing amazing new techniques and fitness levels. Several girls also on camp this month all on weight loss programmes under the watchfll eye of Billy and Monty. Great start to the new year with all customers and friends working towards there yearly goals! February news to follow with Thai Fight entrants and our anniversary show with national Muaythai day! p.s big thanks to french bakery for the cake !!

2013 !!

We have some great fights to start the new year off with the WMC show in SAMUI on the 5th January … Thiago and Frankie fighting in HK and Eddie off to China … New Year party on the beach 31st December to bring 2013 in with or fabulous WMC team with Zidov as DJ !! Vice President Stephan Fox and family will be here with a special seminar on the 31st !! … sponsored fighters showing great strength being pushed to their limits by new team leader Monty Crooke .. starting the year off like this will prove great results for all our fighters .. congratulations to Thiago Teixeira, Conrado Furlan, Jerson Constantino, Filippo Campagna, Clarence Soh, Jackson Moorhouse, Simon Patchara Janjam, Eddie RZ Vendeta, Frank Paredes Vilchez, Coco Lombard, Igor Cabrita for showing great team spirit !! here is to another very sucessful year for WMC … wishing all our customers the best for 2013 !!


Some great photography by
Recommended !!


Kings Birthday Celebrations was a massive event in Koh Samui with two championship belts up for grabs and a TV show documentary being filmed, also a heavyweight 4 man competition with famous fighter’s such as Enrico from Germany heading the listing ! Beybulat from Russia, fighting for his first championship belt against the famous Salatan … a four round war with the referee having to stop the fight awarding the win to Beybulat! Samsamud from Thailand taking the win from Thiago on points beating Thomas from Italy in the final to win the 4 man competition. All three girls from The Million Baht Babes TV show showed tremendous spirit in the ring for the first time, all proving to themselves and the sport that mauythai is for everyone … keep an eye on Million Baht Babes Facebook for results and upcoming DVD’s and Tv dates ! World Muaythai Council Vice President Stephan Fox was there to hand out the belts and gave some great commentary creating a fantatsic atmosphere, with Monty Crooke on the mic hyping the crowd and making a huge event successful for the Kings Birthday !
(pictures to follow)


Many Thanks to the great team Eddie , Beybulat , Iman , Jerson , Igor and Simon representing WMC lamai Muaythai Camp , fantastic fights showing true spirit , Thanks from the Lamai WMC Muaythai Camp for all the great efforts from the fighters !