July 2013

Fantastic group of visitors throughout July all achieving there goals in muaythai and fitness, also great to see more families bringing there children whilst on holiday to learn the this great sport ! .. Thiago Teixeira flew to fight in Perth with Ralph Beale to take on Kim Olsen one of Australias favourite and most talented fighters ! … Thiago trained hard for this fight with great training from Zidov, Patrick and the gang of resident thai and falang fighters! It was a very close fight and ended with Kim winning on points … both fighters showing great spirits and showmanship .. thanks to Epic for the great show !
Jojo Struys Famous Tv Host from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was visiting and training in camp for her TV show on Health, Fitness and Clean Stress Free living .. she had an amazing time lerning about how we run the fitness camp the goals visitors achieve and the way they turn there lifestyles around !!

Also good luck to Zidov Akuma of on his europoean tour to promote his new book !


Stefan Fox attending a successful meeting for the combat games !: “After this meeting, I feel very confident that through the solidarity of the 15 Combat Sports and Martial Arts, the leadership of SportAccord and the Local Organiser, the 2013 World Combat Games will be the most talked about Martial Arts and Combat Sports event in the history of these sports. I can’t wait to be there!” full story on ..


Sunday Funday

Six days a week we train hard so Sundays we relax .. this time on a brilliant boat tour of Samui with Team Zidov … Wmc Lamai Camp partys at their best!

muaythai family

What can we say about our stay with the WMC Muaythai Camp in Lamai, Koh Samui….? “WOW” Yes, that feels like quite appropriate wording! … About us: … We arrived as a family of 5- Brodie, Elise, William 10, Dre 7 and Mason 6. Now known as the “Muay Thai Family”. Brodie was longing for more ring time as fights within Australia have been getting less and sitting at 49 fights over 15yrs, he was wanting to step things up. Brodie is up at 4am each morning in Australia to insure he can fit in 2x90min training sessions, 8+hrs at work, plus training junior and senior members at the gym. Brodie wanted to try solely focusing on training and fighting for himself! The WMC LAMAI Brodie had visited a few times over his years and after a 6 week trip in 2012, he wanted to return to the WMC LAMAI for this training experience. As for myself as a mother of 3 young boys and partner to such an amazing athlete… Training is a must to keep up! I knew staying on camp would allow me to train in not only Muay Thai, but also at the Lamai Fitness gym. I myself have had 5 fights as I only started fighting in 2012. Our boys have trained in Muay Thai since age 5 and William has had 2 fights within Australia. The boys are very active and spend many days going from soccer training to Muay Thai. We hoped that on this trip the boys could soak up some knowledge training with Thai trainers too! Okay, so there is a piece of our back ground … Our stay:
When we planned to stay for a 3mth period we were welcomed even before our arrival! Ralph Beal and his wife Nikki had many helpful emails to help the planning process. The night we arrived was late and we were warmly welcomed by Dan (the go to guy) at the front desk and helped us to our room. The next morning we met with Billy (Lamai Fitness) who within minutes was drawing maps of the town and offering to help. If you can already see my point, very happy helpful staff! … Training was held twice a day and there were different options which allowed the whole family to train. The trainers were just as involved with the children as they were with classes and fighters. If you’re a lover of fitness, sweat and breaking Muay Thai down, you’ll love it! Brodie and myself built a repour with Pi-dang (WMC trainer) and spent many hours kicking pads, being shown technic ‘thai style’ and received many words of wisdom. William worked with Aui (WMC trainer) and he surly pushed him beyond what we thought he could of done … Both Dre and Mason had plenty of time with all trainers and even got to spar with some of the trainers children or family members .. Before each session we met up with others training and we would run 4-10kms together… These runs through the streets of Lamai where always enjoyable and we forever had the locals cheering us on. The final stretch of this run is majestic as you run down towards the gym with a gorgeous view of the ocean. I can’t say enough about the ladies in the WMC LAMAI café, from breakfast to dinners and everything in between they had it covered… The café options are unlike most and had so many healthy options that no one could get wrong. The ladies always ensured my boys were taken care of and were great to talk to. Oh and look no further- braiding hair for fights, they’re onto it and helping out with this too … The resident fighters were a constant support system. We would share stories, help with healthy eating ideas, encouragement all round, lunches/dinners/movies together and always good laughs being had. Although English was most peoples 2nd language- you never would know!

I used to think- How amazing is all these different cultures coming together and teaching each other so much… Plus for the children this was a bonus on the home schooling .. When fight shows were on we all went to support the WMC LAMAI team and the same respect was given back – Great times … Fight shows were constant for the “Muay Thai Family”… Brodie fought 4 times winning ¾ and 1 being a 4 man shot at a WMC belt on the Buakaw show. This was Brodie’s only loss out of his 4 fights, but was a great challenge against a Bangkok fighter! I fought once with a win, William had 1 great fight on the Buakaw show with a loss on points and young Dre had 1 fight two nights before we left Thailand with what we still call “An amazing 1st fight for a 7yrs old full thai rules!” … So as you can see our 3 months covered – 7 fights, around 1000 training hours, almost 4000kms of running, all being pushed in the Lamai fitness gym, 2 black eyes, heaps of what felt like endless sparring sessions, 50+ massages, daily beach visits, blessed by a few monks, a wild Songkran water party (Thai New Year) 1000+ fruit shakes, 1500+ electrolyte drinks (made at the WMC Café), way to many fried rices (on brown rice yummy), endless bags of fruit and maybe a few tears too.
After 3 months we call the WMC LAMAI our family! We would like to thank everyone that we were in contact with for your open arms and kind ways, it was received and made us feel great.
Till the next time, … Brodie, Elise, William, Dre and Mason “THE MUAY THAI FAMILY”


Highlight of the year .. Buakaw exhibition fight in Koh Samui against South Africas Quintin Chong ! .. fantastic event and atmosphere at Phetchabuncha Stadium … Wmc Lamai Camp fighters showing great skill and commitment against top Bangkok fighters … Will Australia, Kamal Malaysia, Brodie Australia, Nabil Belgium, Eddie Columbia, Jerson Brazil and Igor Slovakia !


The media has gone crazy this weekend on Koh Samui … with the camp in partnership bringing Thailands most succesful and famous fighter Buakaw to the island ! some quick pictures off the weekend so far then the full story after tonights fights at phetchbuncha Stadium !

IGOR – I1 World Champion

Igor from Slovakia WMC Lamai Muay Thai Camp Koh Samui is the new I-1 World Champion in Hong Kong .. !!

Igi War – I would like to thank you dear Camp for all the opportunities and experience I have gained thanks to you guys, big support from your side, either the trainers’ or the fighters’, and especially Big Thanks to Ralph for his support during the Big fight in Hong Kong! THANK YOU!!!!!!


Here at the Lamai Muay Thai Camp we are always asked advice about blessings and thai traditional tatoos .. we have worked with AJARN PANTHEP for many years now and respect him as a great friend and teacher … he has led, advised, blessed and tatooed all our family here..Camp Owner Ralph, Fitness Owner Billy, fighters who travel around the world, customers looking for direction in life to the latest children of the Slater family … feel free to visit AJARN PANTHEP and please show resect when representing the Camp and your country … http://www.samuisakyan.com

THE 5 RITUALS DURING THE CEREMONY the 1.st gold leaf is put on the forehead(to be attractive when seen) 2.nd gold leaf is put on the tongue(for a charm speech) 3.rd gold leaf is put on the right palm hand(to get money) 4.th gold leaf is put on the left palm hand(to be billed) 5.put the mask on the head to receive the protection and magic from the spirits into the body (TEACHERS PANTHEP PHRUEKTHARA) SAMUISAKYAN.COM

General Camp Talk !

Thiago Teixeira becoming a world contender in the sport after another fantastic win over Collaysa in Singapore

Brodie Slater from Australia improving on his great career in Saumi now racking 54 fights in total!
Stephan Fox Vice president of the World muaythai Council giving a great seminar on camp training the kids such as Remy .. a future champion !

quote..Remy, Mum and Dad are really proud of the hard work and dedication you have shown in Thailand,
and a big thank you to Stephan Fox for giving Remy and all the K9 team his time and to Dave Munro for making the trip and training worthwhile and to Ralph and all the coaches at Lamai Muay Thai Camp on Koh Samui for helping the kids and improving their skills.

Songkran Thai New year in April was as festive as ever bringing the whole of lamai together for a great day of water fun! Elise Conquest winning her first fight in Samui. Thiago with his fine collection of belts!

Busy New Year !

Great start to the year on Lamai Wmc Camp for everyone! firstly welcome new trainers An, Nok and Kim adding extra talent all with superb backgrounds and experience around the world, all speaking excellent English. Sponsored fighters getting another lift with circuits and early morning runs with there new mentor Monty Crooke, bringing fighters together working as a great team, fight results starting to pay off, with some great wins in phetchbuncha Stadium and Malaysia. Malaysia hosting the Perak Amanjaya Muaythai International 2013 show a fantastic event, Ralph and Nong taking a team of great fighters there, with Frankie winning his first belt, Conrado winning on points, Igor and Jerson having a tough fight both losing but putting on great shows with superstars such as EDDIE SELINDANG KUNING.

Great team from Bulgaria here, headed by Kiril bringing stars from Hollywood movies from The Expendables, all leaving having great wins and showing amazing new techniques and fitness levels. Several girls also on camp this month all on weight loss programmes under the watchfll eye of Billy and Monty. Great start to the new year with all customers and friends working towards there yearly goals! February news to follow with Thai Fight entrants and our anniversary show with national Muaythai day! p.s big thanks to french bakery for the cake !!

2013 !!

We have some great fights to start the new year off with the WMC show in SAMUI on the 5th January … Thiago and Frankie fighting in HK and Eddie off to China … New Year party on the beach 31st December to bring 2013 in with or fabulous WMC team with Zidov as DJ !! Vice President Stephan Fox and family will be here with a special seminar on the 31st !! … sponsored fighters showing great strength being pushed to their limits by new team leader Monty Crooke .. starting the year off like this will prove great results for all our fighters .. congratulations to Thiago Teixeira, Conrado Furlan, Jerson Constantino, Filippo Campagna, Clarence Soh, Jackson Moorhouse, Simon Patchara Janjam, Eddie RZ Vendeta, Frank Paredes Vilchez, Coco Lombard, Igor Cabrita for showing great team spirit !! here is to another very sucessful year for WMC … wishing all our customers the best for 2013 !!