Lamai Muay Thai Camp & The Biggest Loser

The Biggest Loser Asia is another hit show brought to the world by Imagine Omni-Media. The achievements of the show’s plus size contestants were nothing short of incredible.

Muaythai is an important tool in the weight loss program, as there are not many cardiovascular exercises which can burn so many calories in such a short time.

Muaythai training had been part of the weight loss programme right from the start, and Muaythai had the honour of being showcased in a full episode on the show.

In the special Muaythai episode, the training session is conducted by Muaythai celebrity Stephan Fox along with his assistant trainers from the Lamai WMC Camp, as well as the National Association for Muaythai in Malaysia.

The episode demonstrates the benefits Muaythai has as a sport for every body. The Lamai Gym on the beautiful beach of Koh Samui is the perfect place to get in shape regardless if you are a beginner in fitness or the fittest of the fittest. The training is designed and conducted for “Every Body”.

Nai then joined our camp and worked with Lamai Fitness inside the camp for 2 months working on his return for the final gaining massive weight loss working alongside Billy Orr and Monty Crooke our top fitness trainers and weight loss specialists , he dropped from 97kg to 74kg within 5 weeks and gained spectacular body shape and fitness in this period , ready for the finale.