I came to Lamai WMC Koh Samui with out a knowing of how or what Muay Thai was. With only a bit of a back ground in boxing. It was an idea a friend throw at me (nick). The skills and strengths I got from only a 6 week camp allowed me to have my first Muay Thai fight in a stadium. It is one of my greatest experience to date. I was able to face a scary situation fearless all because of the skills and technics the trainers taught meI had never been fitter and never been happier. And that only being half of the joy koh Samui gives you. Between training you have the most beautiful beaches to lay on with a coconut drink and wind down with cheap great healthy food on camp or really close. I also learnt about diet by eating the traditional Thai dishes and then noticing the differents to my body and energy levels. I made great friend built enormous determination and became fit and healthy beyond my imagination while doing this on a beautiful island that will really tend to your every need. I have booked my next stay and will be back there in a week after traveling and surfing the world in some of the greatest places but no place has left a bigger  pact then sumui. Can’t wait to be back soon yeww!!

I thoroughly enjoyed training at the Lamai gym. I stayed for just over a month and am already trying to figure out when I can return. I have been practicing and competing in Thai Boxing for around 17 years and view my training in Lamai as some of my most productive in the years that I have trained. The trainers were hugely experienced, friendly, all of them champions of some sort and all with a wealth of Thai Boxing knowledge. I feel my technique, fitness and fighting ability have improved from them. Also I have trained at other gyms in Thailand and the level of attention from the trainers was minimal in comparison. The training area was made up of a large space, fully matted, with 2 rings and plenty of equipment for those who needed it. There was group instruction for beginners and intermediates in the front of the training area and the advanced/ fighters usually used the back area.
In addition to the thai boxing area there was an excellently equipped and managed gym. The gym manager Billy was a very welcoming and knowledgeable guy. I had personal training from Billy and I am so glad that I did as I lost a huge amount of body fat and toned up more than I have since I was a teenager! I am still using what Billy taught me and will continue to do so. The Thai Boxing schedule was two sessions a day, one at 7am and one at 5pm, each lasting 2 hours. Especially in the heat it was gruelling training and you will need to keep hydrated especially with electrolyte drinks. My schedule was usually one gym session plus one Thai session a day. I would sometimes do 2 Thai sessions plus one gym session, depending on how tired I was. I quickly found that it was important to pace myself as it was easy to over train if not careful. I would also recommend having some personal sessions with the Thai trainers. I had a few and learned a huge amount from them and regret not having more. I was staying in one of the jungle bungalows onsite and next to the training area. My room was basic, but perfect for what I wanted from the experience. The room had a fridge as well which was a life-saver for getting cold water when you needed it ! Next to the gyms was the gym Café. The staff were very friendly and I found the cafe a good place to meet new people and eat good food. As well as good thai food they served western food for when you needed a quick reminder of home. The surrounding area was great fun with the beach down the road, lots of bars and restaurants nearby, the night food market down the road and a scooter shop next door to the gym for when you want to go further a-field. There were also good travel agents nearby where you can book activities like scuba diving, snorkelling, day trips to surrounding Islands etc. I did a few day trips and recommend doing them as a healthy break from training. The other manager Ralph was very accommodating and you can always find him doing a thousand jobs around the gym. He is very approachable and also a very good thai boxing trainer. Overall my experience was hugely positive for learning thai-boxing, getting fit, meeting great people, checking out Thailand and having lots of fun. I would recommend it to any age group or gender.


So i booked my trip at the last minute to thailand, I needed a break and a fitness challenge really just wanted to immerse myself in the sport more. I had been watching Fight Quest so i imagined me running through the jungle and kicking trees and punching coconuts and sleeping on the floor…..but it was not quite like that. But Lamai camp did not dissappoint me at all! I had the best time, I didnt need to worry that I would wake up late for training because I had the sound of bags being kicked and heard skipping ropes hitting the mats first thing in the morning and so I always made it to classes on time. the classes are well structured suited to all levels, if a pro fighter who was at the camp tells you she learnt something new each class…then they are obviously doing things right i say ! Classes ran for 2 hours you go at your pace but you cant slack off there is always a trainer watching you and giving you that extra nugde to keep you at it. I received alot of 1 to 1 time even when classes where big, they pick up on small things that you may be doing incorrectly and even though there may be a language barrier at times…the trainers are amazing and they will eventually correct your form. Training was hard at times especially when your taiing twice a day but there was always a lot of laughs in class so it wasnt too bad. The gym on site is well equipped for those they really wanted more training time. There personal trainer on site Billy is knowledgeable about nutrition and fitness and I found our chats very helpful. He set up this really fun Lamai circuit and I did complete it twice…it brings out the competative side of you and others ! Overall I highly reccomend the camp I made lots of friends including the trainers who are a social bunch. Highly respect them! I have said that I plan to come back to the camp in six months but with 1 or 2 other kickboxing clubs i am associated with and we cant wait to be trained by them. You cant go wrong, tropical island, cheap to holiday great camp location, great club!


Hi Friends, how are you?? I really miss you….!! I had very beautiful days at WMC Camp…everything was perfect with you. Great atmosphere, great organisation, great instructors…..I hope to come again as soon as possible with my students too. PLEASE give my “hello” to Mr TEE from me and tell him that I miss him!! Ciao and thanks again from Italy


Thank you and all the trainers at your camp ! I had a fantastic time training there and I would recommend to everyone , the trainers are very welcoming and from the start put u at ease, with there humour and hi jinx lol . I will be looking forward to watching the documentary, in the near distant future !

Thanks to the team at Lamai Muay Thai camp. The trainers really put me through my paces…the hardest training I’ve ever done.


I joined lamai muaythai camp WMC in december 2010. i was introduced to the camp by Ralph Beale who took me to fight in the IFMA world games Bangkok. he offered me a sponsorship to join the camp and i was happy to take it. I quickly got busy in the gym and started to fight straight away locally in koh samui stadiums. After that came opportunities to fight outside of thailand, in country’s like Australia and Iran. Whether training or fighting in Thailand or abroad i was happy to train alongside other atheletes from different country’s. Thats what i feel lamai muaythai is better than other camps in thailand. Many fighters from around the world will travel to Lamai to train for competition. it provides the perfect atmosphere for good hard training. I have spent a total of 4 years in thailand and trained at a number of gyms. Lamai WMC Muaythai is the best for me because im a 70/75 kilo fighter and there is a lot of good people for me to train with. Other thai camps can sometimes lack good sparing partners and this is a big part of our training. Also the onsite gym is great it has taught me to properly strengthen my body via good instruction by the trainers there. Since being at the camp i have really enjoyed getting involved with the IFMA events. There a great place to make friends in the muay thai community and to get solid muay thai experience as you can get to fight more than once on one show!

I enjoyed my time so much in Koh Samui , Lamai I’ve decided to move out and live there in June! I attended camp for 2 months in November to January, then for 5 weeks from mid-March. I stayed on camp throughout my stay and had an amazing time. The training was fantastic. The trainers are very quick to evaluate the level you’re at, with 1 to 1 time at every training session, and I found my technique and fitness levels improving rapidly. Since coming back to the UK the guys at my gym have noticed a massive improvement in all aspects of my technique and sparring. I chose a mixture of group and private sessions, great for developing relationships with other people at the gym, and also being able to spend some quality 1 to 1 time with some truly great trainers. But the training at the gym isn’t everything. I’ve made some great friends through the camp, and met many people who I know I will see again. So many people return to WMC Lamai! It’s easy to see why. Lamai beach is a 2 minute walk from the gym, there’s a great buzz around the night market and some amazing cheap food. It’s great to go to Petch Buncha Stadium and watch people fighting that you’ve trained with, and the craziness of Chaweng is only 15 minutes (or a very cheap tut tut) ride away on a Saturday night….or any night actually.
There’s also Lamai fitness across the street from the Muay Thai gym, great for toning up, bulking up or losing a few lbs, with help and advice available depending on what your objectives are. The newly refurbished café is a great place to pass away some time, watching the training in the gym and spending some time chilling with some friends, or getting to know the trainers. Ralph & Billy and all the staff at camp are always more than willing to give any advice or help if you need it. If you’ve ever considered training in Muay Thai, or if you already train and want to improve your fitness and technique rapidly, go to SAMUI MUAYTHAI AT ITS BEST WMC Lamai Muaythai Camp.

It’s not a battle with your opponent, it’s a battle with yourself
This is my second time at the WMC camp in Lamai, Koh Samui. The first time I came here 2 years ago I knew absolutely nothing about Muay Thai. I’d never even heard of the sport before I booked my trip to Thailand, and couldn’t bear to watch fighting of any kind because I always felt sorry for the loser. All I did know is I wanted to learn how to handle myself – to be truly independent and never the damsel in distress, I wanted to be strong and able to remain calm in high-pressure situations. I’ve had nine months training since then, but nothing for the past year. I’ve missed it dearly, as it had become my meditation – a chance to completely empty my mind of the craziness of 21st century living. Getting back into training is no easy task however. The blistered feet and bruised shins have returned, this time with swollen clown feet, grazed knuckles and shameful cardiovascular limitations. The first week back was mainly about not passing out in the heat, and since then its been a challenge not to burst into tears during sparring through sheer exhaustion and frustration (a battle I lost only this morning).
2 weeks in I was fighting a few days later. My immediate reaction was “No thanks… I don’t quite fancy getting my face smashed in”. Although my kicks are ok, I’m fully aware that my footwork, blocking and boxing is pretty awful. However, the trust of the trainers in my capabilities, and my trust in their judgement meant I was unable to reject their advice. After all, they know best what I need to learn and when. So this seemed an important part of my journey.
My pre-fight tactic was to not think about it. Otherwise my nerves would have got the better of me. I told myself, “Just get to the venue and then it’ll be too late to chicken out.” I feel incredibly lucky that the venue happened to be at a festival in a local temple. There were stalls, entertainment stages and games, creating a fairground atmosphere for the many Thai families enjoying time out together. The ring was assembled on a small patch of grass at the far end of the temple grounds, muddy from the recent rain. Locals gathered round the ring, lucky if they got one of the few seats laid out. I imagined this is what Muay Thai was like 100 years ago, and felt privileged to have this as my first fight experience.
I tried to watch the fights before mine, set beneath a swirling cloud of moths attracted to the lights, but everything seemed a blur. My main focus was trying to slow down my breathing…and not cacking my pants. Then it was my turn. I walked up to the ring, and leaving my flip flops in the mud, I climbed onto the wet canvas. I began my Wai Kru, which I totally botched up having only learned it earlier that day. I remember someone in the crowd heckling to hurry up…which I had to laugh at, and may have broken some tension in my mind.
I still didn’t know what to expect, but 30 seconds later my future landed squarely on my nose…. a solid punch through my shabby guard. This definitely motivated me to get my act together. What ensued was 4 rounds of a good hard fight. My opponent was strong, she gracefully took whatever kick or jab I managed to land. She just wouldn’t go down. As the rounds progressed I found myself getting less tired, increasingly relaxed and able to enjoy it. It meant a lot to see all the support I was getting from my corner, as varying instructions were fired at me by my emphatic crew. As the final round ended, I wanted more. Regardless of the outcome the fight was, surprisingly, intense fun. I was incredibly happy that I had achieved my main objective… to not lose my mind. I had been worried that I would panic, freeze or be in a frenzy. But I managed to stay in the present and so able to really experience it. I am incredibly grateful for being goaded into it, and for the supreme training I have been given at SAMUI MUAYTHAI WMC. I will never forget it. One of the biggest lessons of the night was as I zoomed away from the temple grounds on the moped. My opponent was also being ridden home, and she beamed at me happily. She displayed no ego, and all competitiveness was forgotten. I beamed back at her, shouting many thanks at 50kph. I’ll probably never see her again, but I’ll never forget the experience that now bonds us. Being back here in Thailand, I feel I can now see the true spirit of Muay Thai: humility, and respect for your opponent and teachers, thankfulness to all those who help you along the way, and in turn remembering your own duty to help others with less experience. Hard work always deserves respect, regardless of how far along their path someone is, or what their individual goals are. For this is the great thing about Muay Thai. It is a personal journey, and the skills learned reach far beyond the ring. So whatever your motivations are, whether you’re in it for fitness, self-defense or to test your nerves, whether you fight or you don’t, whether you’re a beginner or a professional, it’s always a battle to push things forward, and it’s always a battle with yourself.



It is now 6 weeks since I arrived at the Lamai Muay Thai and Fitness Camp, on Koh Samui, and I am exactly half way through my stay here. As a 54 years old male sliding quickly over the edge of the precipice, into the abyss, I realized that something had to be done, and quickly. Other than a game of golf most weekends, I had done no exercise for 15 years, and all I had done in the 20 previous years was play squash on a sporadic basis. Yes, old age was approaching quickly, and this did not just scare the c**p out of me, but the realization was actually having a severe negative effect on my mental health. I had lost my Mojo, and, if I am honest, at this point I had lost hope of it ever returning. I was fat, lazy, and sinking quickly.
How did this trip come about? Well, a friend of mine, who knew that I had a passive interest in martial arts, being an avid armchair UFC, MMA fan, and taking my 12 year old daughter to Karate twice a week, told me of a friend of his. He said that he had spent 3 months in Thailand, at a Muay Thai camp, and had come home a changed person, both physically, and mentally. This sowed the seed in my mind. Yes, I am lazy, but what a great idea. Losing weight doing something that I would enjoy doing, i.e. learning one of the most formidable Martial Arts on this planet………….. and so it came to be.
After several hours searching the internet, and a big tip off from a friend, I chose the Lamai Muay Thai and Fitness Camp, based on the fact that they are the only WMC approved establishment, and the fact that their professional trainers are amongst the best in Thailand. Also, the fact that it was run by an Englishman, who would understand the needs of a European traveler abroad, helped too.
I could spend another hour writing all about my adventure thus far, but will save that until the end of my journey.
What I will say is that I have been incredibly impressed with the set up here, and the interest that all the staff have taken in helping me achieve my goals. I have lost approx 10 kilos, and several inches from my waistline, and have also surprised myself in how quickly I feel that I have learned the basics of Muay Thai.
Most importantly, I feel alive again for the first time in years, and I definitely have my Mojo back. I cannot believe how quickly I have reached this point, and feel proud of myself for doing so. The next six weeks will be spent mixing Muay Thai with sessions in the Gym/Fitness centre here, aiming to totally reshape my body into something I am proud of rather than ashamed off. Yes, there is time for fun too ( in fact, it has mostly been fun), and Saturday night I let my hair down in the Green Mango Club in Chaweng, dancing the night away…….with my shirt off. I have never had the confidence to take my shirt off in years, so this alone speaks volumes. A word of advice. Billy who runs the fitness camp here, has an uncanny knack of hearing about everything you get up to .. LOL .. I am really looking forward to seeing what can be achieved in only three months, but do not want to wish the next six weeks away, because i am enjoying every minute of it. Watch this space

Hye im Jay Woodham, AKA the handsome hero, well in me mothers eyes. lol!!
Being a fighter at Lamai Muaythai is a dream came true for me, i originally only came for three months to learn some new skills n fight few times maybe. My three months was nearly up and Lamai muaythai boss ralph beale asked if i wanted to stay n be a sponsered fighter. Which i said yes straigt away. I been living here as a sponsored fighter for over two years now and wow what a great two years its been! i have fought all over the worl maybe about 10 different countries even to places i never thought i would go like Iran and uzbekistan an Mongolia.
I love it hear great trainors great atmosphere n great gym!!

My partner and I came to stay at the Lamai Muay Thai and Fitness camp for 2-3 weeks in April. The time at the camp made a huge difference in our fitness, weight and body shape and we loved every minute of it. Staying at the camp is great for people who want to focus on their fitness and/or Muay Thai training as it is so quick and easy to go from your room to the gym, training and cafe. The accommodation was clean and has everything you need including a bed, air conditioner, fridge and shower. The apartment we stayed in had wardrobes, a separate lounge room, tv and DVD player. The camp location is situated a few minutes walk from everything in Lamai i.e shops, markets, massage, beach, laundry etc.
The onsite cafe is great, breakfast every morning after a big workout was fantastic. The cafe has everything from Tom Yum soup to Spaghetti Bolognese and a huge list of fantastic juices made with fresh fruit and ice. If you want protein drinks they are on tap from the cafe and in the gym. We ate 90% of our meals at the cafe. Big Thanks to the girls at the cafe for making us what we needed. The Cafe is the chill out place for many people staying at the camp and it is a great place to meet people and make friends from all over the world. You can also just chill out and read a book here or watch the pros do their training. It is great motivation to be around like minded people, to see each other improve and encourage each other as days and weeks go by.

Billy is the camps personal trainer and set us both individual programs. Billy pushed me way beyond my previous limits – he got me doing 5 times more than I ever did with my PT back home which was exactly what I wanted as I had all day every day to train and recover. His style of training protects you from injuries which is great for beginners and pros alike. The gym equipment is basic but has everything you need. Billy will show you what workouts will achieve your goals and set up times for you and others to go for beach runs, tropical hill runs and other runs which really test your spirit and your legs.

The group Muay Thai classes are great fun and can be an amazing work out if you put the effort in. There is always 5-7 professional trainers available in every group class which means you get alot of instruction and don’t get lost amongst other people. I was a beginner but classes are filled with people of all levels of experience.
The Muay Thai trainers are kind, brave, stoic and very good at teaching you technique and giving you a great work out at the same time. Thanks Tee and Tum for keeping me on my toes (literally and figuratively) in our private lessons!

If you want to achieve some serious body goals, are interested in Muay Thai and have a positive attitude this is the place for you!