Mostafa Abdollahi

Mostafa Abdollahi “Persian Mos” talks about his training experiences at Lamai Fitness & Lamai Muaythai Camp!

I first trained at Lamai Muay Thai Camp and Lamai Fitness in Koh Samui in 2010 and I travel there to prepare for most of my big fights. I spent 2 months solid training there in the run-up to the Sport Accord Combat Games 2010 in Beijing. Recently I trained there in preparation for my superfight in the Challenger Muaythai finale.

During the filming of the Challenger Muaythai show, I was very happy to have the Lamai crew there as trainers and support in my corner, and to be part of the blue team with Ajarn Nong and Billy Orr, as I know them and am comfortable with them and their style of training. I believe that one of the reasons I did so well in the competition was because I had their support.

Before the Challenger finale fight, I was training for almost 1 month at Lamai Camp, every day twice a day, with muaythai padwork, sparring & clinching, and a fitness & conditioning program designed by Billy Orr at Lamai Fitness. I used the FightLife and Bionutrics supplements which are awesome.

I love training at Lamai Camp because the trainers are very experienced, but also more importantly they are 1 team with the fighters, it’s like a family and they care about each fighter’s performance and tailor the training to suit. The expert trainers in each field all communicate well with each other so you feel as a fighter that every area of your fitness, strength and technique is getting attention and improvement.

I’ve trained at many gyms in Thailand and some of them are just about padwork & how many times you hit the pads, to get you tired. Lamai Fitness & Camp has a complete approach which prepares you both physically and mentally, and with expert knowledge about fitness & nutrition & how to structure your diet so that you can drop weight but still have enough energy to train hard. Not only that, but there’s plenty of fresh air and an amazing beach just a few minutes walk from the camp so it doesnt really get any better than this!

It looks like I will have a busy fight schedule for 2012 so I will continue to train hard with the Lamai Fitness crew and hopefully get great results!


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