Meet the real deal … with a lifetime of muaythai under his belt co.owner Ralph Beale has established the camp on Koh Samui to be the best in Thailand , with fighters, beginners and fitness enthusiasts returning year after year to train with the best.

Muay Thai, or Thai boxing is a form of martial art mainly practised in Thailand. Muaythai has a long history in Thailand, and it is the country’s national sport. It is an ancient martial art and arguably one of the kingdom’s most striking national icons. Referred to as “The Science of Eight Limbs”, as the hands, shins, elbows, and knees are all used extensively in this art.

Our trainers are hand picked throughout Thailand by Nong the Head Coach and longest serving muaythai boss at the camp!


Established worldwide P’Nong Head Trainer at Lamai Muay Thai Camp is one of the most popular Thai trainer’s around the world, he has worked in over 20 countries worldwide and is now based back home on his home island Koh Samui. From promotor to trainer to TV Celebrity Nong has certainly made his stamp in the Muay Thai world. Trainer on the Contender Asia to Head Trainer on new Challenger TV Series Nong’s TV presence shows his commitment, skill and overall knowledge of the sport gaining respect from everyone. Nong now being the TV Star he is takes it all in his stride ! Nong puts the muaythai classes through their paces each evening in Lamai , teaching techniques , holding pads and being the main trainer throughout the two hour class. Nong always has time to chat to beginners or experienced fighters looking for that extra bit of advice. You will also find Nong in the gym every afternoon keeping himself in great shape , always a chance for Nong to show his strengths off in the gymnasium ! and also at nights in the local stadiums supporting local fighters and arranging the camps next event’s, hugely respected on the island he is one of the friendliest faces that you will definately meet on Koh Samui !