The camp always has females training here ! even more so now … they are not only getting fitter and stronger but using muaythai as a choice of weapon for self defense … our rooms are secure, safe and comfortable with security cameras around camp … here a few messages from other female camp customers below..

Female MuayThai has become more and more popular over the last few years. Like myself, there are many other women who train Muay Thai here at Lamai Camp , Koh Samui. Most of the time women train for the mere purpose of getting fit, for weight loss, body toning or for self-defense, but there are many women who become really good at muay thai and decide to take up training for fighting. In Lamai you will see regular lady boxing fights on Saturday nights. However, these fights might be considered more for entertainment purposes, the more professional fights between both local and international women fighters can be seen at some of the local stadiums here. Lady boxing was not always allowed or recognized in earlier times, in fact in many ways it is still frowned upon today. The two biggest muay thai stadiums in Thailand- Rajadaman and Lumpinee, still has a men only policy when it comes to the ring. Olden beliefs were that women will jinx any muay thai ring they fight in. Most men still object to the idea of women touching their mongkons, or good luck charms. Nowadays professional muaythai is internationally recognized and the only difference between male and female fights is the time duration of the match rounds. I hope to one day take a shot… or a punch at muay thai fighting, but for now it’s still the everlasting and aching hours of training and the long journey ahead – Elsa Guerin – France

Hi, my name is Nesrine and im 23 years years old currently training in London at Minotaurs Gym. I took up thai boxing 2 years ago as I have always been heavily involved in sports and exercise from a young age. I have always wanted to do a martial art that would push my body to the limit and through trial and error of martial arts I found that muay thai was the most effective, unique and powerful martial art. I come from a competitive sporting background and was competing in swimming for my borough from the age of 8. I am currently working full time as a exercise specialist/personal trainer at a studio in Crouch End and have been there for 5 years. I moved on from my Degree in Sports and Exercise Science to a research masters in sports biomechanics which I am close to completing. At the moment i am enjoying my first trip to Thailand to train at the renowned Lamai MuayThai Camp WMC, Koh Samui. I have had the luxury of enjoying 3 weeks of hard training twice a day everyday for 6 days of the week. The training starts with a run around lamai at 6am, followed by light technique with a training partner, followed by pads with head coach. This session is often finished off with bag work and hill sprints. The afternoon session starts with another run at 5pm, one on one technique work, some grappling, pads to finish off. Both sessions last 2 hours and push you to and beyond your limit. The coaches are great and always willing to give up as much time as they can to help you – Nesrine Dally – UK

I started training Muay Thai for fun and fitness mid last year and decided to come to Thailand for the experience. Lamai Gym was highly recommended by trainers at home in Sydney and I can see why. The trainers here are great and have really focused on teaching me the correct technique. The one on one sessions were especially good for this and really good value for money. I was a little nervous travelling on my own but all of the people here have been really friendly and helpful and I’ve learnt a lot in 3 weeks. Wish I could stay longer, can’t wait to come back ! Belinda Separovic – Sydney, Australia