At Lamai Muay Thai Camp we believe in Family. We create the best atmosphere for our campers to train and attain personal success no matter your goals. From a “first timer” to a seasoned professional fighter, our camp provides the environment for all to learn Muay Thai and be part of our close knit Community. We find once you come, you always come back to be part of our family for a lifetime.

Run under the umbrella of the Word Muaythai Council, the world sole governing body for Muaythai, The Lamai Muay Thai Camp is now considered a top-class training facility. Like many camps in Thailand, people come to stay and train for long periods of time, but at Lamai people tend to stay on just that little bit extra for many reasons – It could for the beautiful white beaches or the great nightlife, but here there seems to be a perfect balance between an intense training experience and being able to let your hair down all in one environment.