Sweat, blood and adrenaline pump through AXN in The Challenger Muaythai.

Things are about to get bloody exciting on AXN. The network is bringing the heat of the fight back to TV screens with a brand new series The Challenger Muaythai, and in high definition no less! Whether for glory or gain, 16 world-class fighters will fight it out to win the ultimate title of Muaythai World Champion and the grand prize of US$100,000!

From Malaysia, Thailand to Israel and South Africa, the motley crew of fighters trail blaze an impressive track record both in their countries and in the international arena, with numerous championship titles under their belts. With ages ranging from 18 to 35, the calibre of fighters is certainly unparalleled. Some have started their training since the tender age of seven, while others have fought The Contender Asia champion Yodsanklai and even won. With intimidating monikers like ‘The Cheetah’, ‘The Sniper’ and ‘Black Dynamite’, it is clear that the boys are not in town to play. With such high stakes, each and every fighter will not go down without a fight!



Lamai Muay Thai Camp , welcomes the national Philippines team to Koh Samui to train in preparation for the 2011 International Federation of Muaythai Amateur World Championships on Sept. 20 to 27 at Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

‎8 PH muaythai athletes will train in Thailand in Aug til Sept: Coy Alumno & Zaidi Laruan (Baguio), Precios Ocaya (Laguna), Jonathan Polosan (CDO), Harold Gregorio, Ryan Jakiri & May Libao (Zamboanga) & new discovery, Robin Catalan (Iloilo). They will go with coach Brent Velasco to prepare for 2011 IFMA World Championships in Sept. at Uzbek. Let’s all wish them excellent training so that they could bring home medals!

August 22, 2011. Koh Samui, Lamai, Thailand – PHL muaythai athletes Zaidi Laruan (Baguio City) and Jonathan Polosan (Cagayan de Oro City) fought hard and won their respective bout. Four more weeks and the Muaythai National Team will banner the PHL flag in the 2011 International Federation of Muaythai Amateur World Championships in Uzbekistan. The group will be headed by MAP president Gen. Lucas M. Managuelod. Go Team Philippines!

Muaythai PH national athletes Jay Harold Gregorio and Precios Ocaya had their professional fights in Koh Samui, Thailand last night (Aug. 15). Harold won by KO and Precios by points. Congratulations!!!….. And goodluck to the other six PH national athletes who are set to compete also in Koh Samui. Go Team Philippines!

Lamai Muay Thai Camp: Train On Koh Samui…In Paradise

Have you ever dreamed of waking up to the sound of the ocean waves undulating towards the shore, running on a powdery white beach, swimming in the South China Sea and training with superstars and celebrities from around the world? If the answer is YES!! Then Lamai Camp is the perfect choice for you.

Located on the beautiful island of Koh Samui and only 50 metres from the most beautiful beach surrounded by nature, is one of the most beautiful training centres in the world.

The camp’s gym boasts a total of 3 boxing rings, punching bags, a fully equipped weight gym, an equipment and supplement shop, travel agency and restaurant.

The camp’s resort has 30 Bungalows to fit every budget from basic fan to the most beautiful exotic deluxe bungalows.

Training is designed for all levels from beginner to superstar and many world champions are regulars at the camp whilst many champions have been made.

Many celebrities visit for fitness, well-being and simply just to recharge in paradise. You will meet people from all walks of life in this cultural melting pot of diversity.

The camp offers two public classes a day from 7-9 am and 5-7 pm and if you want to make use of private trainers, they are available all day!12 Full time trainers are at your disposal.

After training a healthy breakfast is served, and the rest of the day you can relax on the beach and treat yourself to a soothing massage before the evening session at the gym.

Make new friends from around the world, training muaythai for fitness, self-defence, confidence, or competition.

Come and join us for a day, a week, a month, or a year and be part of the Lamai Camp experience! MUAYTHAI in LAMAI… A WAY OF LIFE!

Muay Thai Training at Lamai Muay Thai Camp

What is Muay Thai training at Lamai Muay Thai camp like?

Muay Thai Training at Lamai Muay Thai is hard work. The trainers push you hard but are great at leaving your feeling like you have learned something new and useful after each session. The guys have a great sense of humour and know when to push and when to let you wheeze for a couple of minutes before giving you another few minutes of padwork.

How does Muay Thai training begin?

The typical Muay That training session at Lamai Muay Thai begins with a run. There are a number of different routes you can take depending on your level of fitness but the shortest is about a mile in length and the longest is about three miles in length. Lamai Muay Thai, like most Muay Thai camps, expect you to do this run before each training session so make sure to bring trainers on your holiday!

What can I expect if I learn Muay Thai at the Lamai camp?

When you’ve finished your run, you can stretch out and get ready for the real work to begin. Most of the guys and girls will wrap their hands to protect their wrists at this point and get to work shadow boxing. If you are training for a fight, you will be separated from the mainstream class and taken aside to receive more intense tuition from the more experience trainers. Expect to be pitted against existing veterans if you are planning on fighting during your time here.

By this point, most of the class will have returned from their run and the class will formally begin. One trainer will lead the class and assistant Krus will patrol the trainees, correcting their technique and ensuring that any bad mistakes they are making don’t become engrained. They will also make sure you are putting the work in. If the lead trainer demands 10 pushups, then you better give him 10 pushups!

What does the Muay Thai class do after shadow boxing ?

After 20 minutes of shadow boxing, you will pair off with a similarly-sized and hopefully experienced partner. The lead trainer will then demonstrate a number of related techniques to the class and give you a few minutes to put them to work with your sparring partner. Again, the trainers will patrol the class and make sure you understand what you are supposed to be doing and fix any bad habits you might be developing.

After 30 minutes of technique, you’ll usually practice clinching (neck wrestling) with your partner. Clinching is used extensively in Muay Thai fighting so it’s vital that you know what to do if your opponent decides to get in close and personal. You’ll then do some light sparring with your partner before finally a one-on-one pad session with a trainer. They will push you harder at this point (when you are already exhausted) than at any other during the workout and will expect at least 2, 3-minute rounds from you. Again, if you are preparing for a fight, this will be even more intense and they will demand 3 or more rounds from you.

Learning Muay Thai Thailand

Jason ‘The Warrior’ Woodham has been fighting out of Lamai Muay Thai for over a year now and tells you exactly why he chooses to train and fight in Thailand.

Oi! Oi! This is Jason ‘The Warrior’ Woodham a.k.a. The Handsome Hero and I’d like to tell you all about life at the Lamai Muay Thai camp, which also includes Lamai Fitness. I’ve been here for over a year now and I’ve loved every single minute of training and living in this beautiful country.

Becoming a Muay Thai Fighter in Thailand !

I wanted to learn Muay Thai in Thailand for a mere 3 months, but after coming out to Lamai and getting settled at the camp, I couldn’t bring myself to leave. When I told the guys at Lamai Muay Thai I wanted to fight professionally, they made it really easy to get setup and I had sponsorship in no time. As a professional fighter, I’ve had over 20 fights and not just in Samui. Lamai Muay Thai is really well-connected and I’ve had fights in mainland Thailand, Bangkok and all over the World.

Aside from travelling the World as a pro Muay Thai fighter, my technique and confidence in the ring has improved beyond all recognition, entirely thanks to the experience and knowledge of the trainers at Lamai Muay Thai. Each trainer offers his own unique insights on training and fighting and it is this that has helped me develop my own style of fighting based on a variety of different styles.

Its not just about Muay Thai training !

If you choose to learn Muay Thai in Thailand, make sure the camp offers gym facilities as well. Lamai Fitness is attached to Lamai Muay Thai camp and by combining work in the ring with gym workouts; I’ve been able to boost my strength and stamina enormously. Lamai Fitness has offered conditioning training under the instruction of my now good friend, Billy Orr. Billy is always on hand to help out with your training and to answer any questions you might have about dieting or conditioning your body for fighting

Koh Samui…a great place to learn Muay Thai !

I came out here to learn Muay Thai in Thailand and I have to say that I’m delighted with what I’ve found. I couldn’t be happier with Lamai Muay Thai and Lamai Fitness and I really wouldn’t change my training for anything else. Its great living and training on a beautiful island and when you finish your training, Green Mango in Chaweng is just 20 minutes away! Haha!